Erotic Gaming: The 5 best Games at the Moment

erotic virtual gamesIf you are looking for a change from the big game titles like GTA, Battlefield or FIFA, you will find the best erotic games for PC and console in this practical tip. Erotic games are also a great change from watching sex movies. And you could even add a little spice to your love life with your partner, if you’d play one together.

1st Erotic Game: Singles 2 – Wild times

With “Singles 2 – Wild times” it concerns roughly speaking a Sims for adults. But not everything is about sex, also the needs for sleep, hunger and co. have to be satisfied.
You choose from different characters and can influence your relationships yourself. From one-night stands to big love, everything is possible with “Singles 2”.

The game is currently available for about 7 €.

2nd Erotic Game: Red light Tycoon 2

“Red Light Tycoon 2” has already been around for a few years, but is one of the classics among erotic PC games. As in the first part you build up your own brothel and try to satisfy the customers.
The game resembles in large parts a business simulation. You hire prostitutes, furnish your premises and fight your way through the ten missions. A graphic firework is certainly not burned in “Red Light Tycoon 2”, which is however also due to the release in 2007.

“Red Light Tycoon 2” is available at a price of around 27 euros for the PC.

3rd Erotic Game: Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded

“Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded” is the remake of the slippery 80s adventure classic in which you try to get women into bed in the person of Larry Laffer.
In the humorously designed game you give orders like “lick and smell” or “undress”.
If you don’t set your erotic expectations too high, you can buy the game for around 6 Euros in online shops.

4th Erotic Game: 3D Sex Villa 2

“3D Sex Villa 2” describes itself as a realistic sex simulation and advertises itself to be able to pamper the virtual ladies in real time.
You can choose between ten different women, countless positions and eleven different places for the sexual act.
However, the game is only distributed on a few sites on the Internet.
In this video you get a short insight into the character creation of the erotic simulation “3D Sexvilla 2”. Have fun “sniffing around”.

5th Erotic Game: 7 Sins

In “7 Sins” it is not only the comparatively harmless sin of touching women’s breasts without being asked. You slip into the role of a real prole and do your mischief in “Apple-City”.
In various missions and mini-games you dedicate yourself to the G-spot of your female counterpart, urinate in vessels that are not actually intended for it and generally just behave completely out of line.
If you enjoy this game principle, you can buy the game for about 12 Euro used in online shops.

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