VPN Review – Testing Whoer VPN

WhoerVPN is a relatively new VPN support located on the island of Cyprus and it’s performing below the laws of the Republic of Nauru, which is a tiny island in the Micronesian sea. The provider continues to be in beta and is supplied as a totally free service at the moment. The customer care staff told us they expect to go live this Feb 20 17 with real costs strategies and enhanced features and help. We mentioned these aspects as they’re vital that you remember when finding an overall notion of the support.

The web site provides a few solutions which we discovered to be quite helpful like a who is perform, ip address flow discovery, a speed test and much more. Their ip address flow discovery website was included last year in our post Greatest websites to test for ip address leakages 2016.

The site has some fascinating info and we particularly enjoyed the reality that they remain on subject, submitting articles related to the solutions they offer.

They provide hosts in five states: Canada, Switzerland, Germany, UK, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Sweden, USA and France. Click here to compare the best France VPNs. Its maybe not pinned down precisely exactly how many hosts can be found for every place, but we anticipate more details to be supplied as the total support starts to golive.

Solitude and Logfile Policy

There’s little informative data on the internet site concerning the visiting plan.

Ideally they make a obvious authorized assertion about the visiting coverage, because its really significant and only suggesting isn’t enough for the peacefulness of thoughts a frequent VPN consumer requirements. We were told by the tech support team they maintain no logs but we nonetheless believe that there needs to be a obvious created assertion on their site to get rid of all uncertainty.


Whoer VPN provides amazing programs for Windows and Apple Macintosh currently. This will definitely alter according to them after the total support goes live.

The program is well developed, owns a pleasant style and there were not any important performance problems. There’s some thing that caught our attention though, and its particular connected to disconnecting from your support. Once we we disconnected from a host the app froze soon. Its a three to five-second delay as well as although its not really extended, but we must acknowledge it was quite irritating after extreme use, particularly when you change hosts regularly.

The program can be obtained and nevertheless under-development, as well as although it appears adequate, but we’d like to find out even more possibilities at first website. Killswitch and auto-re-connect are a should in our view since they make use of obtaining the applications available to begin with, compared to the opensource Open VPN GUI customer.


As discussed earlier, the web site provides some intriguing attributes for example a pace evaluation software, a ping program, a Internet Protocol Address who is, leak detection support as well as a site with a few quite valuable tips. We recommend looking into these programs that are accessible right on the front page.

Independent of the reference attributes, we’d like to say that Whoer VPN uses AES256-CBC for the cipher and 2048-tad RS-A for handshaking on Open VPN. Also, they utilize exactly the same DNS machine as the one the the text is manufactured to. What this means is that in the event that you operate a DNS seeping ensure that you all goes well, you need to notice the IP of the VPN machine equally as way out portal and DNS resolver.

They’ve an extremely unusual guarantee they present on their web site:

These solutions were really accessible during the moment of the critique, but we cant imagine the reason why they’d provide a warranty for the maintenance of something like Netflix which can be always prohibiting whole ip address ranges and is directing a battle against VPN providers worldwide. We’re interested if this can be a declare that that they’ll honor on the longrun.


The exploring experience great and we’d no problems, disconnects or additional irritation also when streaming-media from numerous solutions.

The bittorrent down load velocity was okay, although it was no Thing remarkable and we’d have truly enjoyed to view the velocity somewhat greater.

Again, this really is maybe not to imply the support performed badly, only that the torrent down-load pace was fairly typical, and this can be typically an essential feature in terms of VPN solutions.

Is there a Mobile App?
Whoer VPN doesn’t give you a mobile software however and there is no reference in regards to the execution however. Its potential that its nonetheless a workinprogress, also it seems like its among the numerous in complete attributes that’ll retain us waiting until the complete merchandise goes stay.

Whoer VPN is free for for the moment, nevertheless, once drenched in the program, you’ll locate the strategies available which we presume to function as ones the support may open with:

The service looks somewhat expensive in comparison with the prevailing marketplace, however, in all fairness, we can-not have an impression in regards to a prices strategy which hasn’t been set as closing. Prices of competing services can be compared here. Again, the support is free for today and we are going to need certainly to hold back till it goes stay to find out exactly what the final judgment is affecting costs.

The fine point in regards to the program is the fact that it lets one to update and spend straight. Its perhaps not always an important development, but alternatively a pleasant and suitable attribute.

The specialized assistance section was really useful and quite quick. They feature help via support tickets and through the live-chat that’s perhaps not a 247 service, but undoubtedly of good use.

The consultant that helped us was quite learned and contacted our petitions with professionalism, despite the fact that the questions were mainly informational. He told us about the in the pipeline launch of the complete model in Feb 20 17 and we’re getting excited about find out what this delivers.

Simply speaking, we believe that Whoer VPN is carrying out an excellent job having the basketball moving on their VPN support.

We must stress the fact the service continues to be in beta plus it will golive in Feb 2017 in line with the help group. Also take into account the critique is present as the conclusion of Jan 20 17, so when the support may develop and move toward one last variation, adjustments may possibly seem.

We loved a few of the characteristics, and we believe they are able to enhance some aspects, so this is an instant breakdown of our views:


Free support (for for the moment), providing you with an opportunity to examine it before purchasing after.
Pleasant and an easy task to make use of web site with a few interesting characteristics for example a pace evaluation software, Internet Protocol Address who is, escape discovery.
Great pace evaluation outcomes, also compared to some compensated and quite well-known providers.
Media-streaming solutions including Hulu or Netflix.com function on the service and they will have a warranty these solutions may remain accessible (even though weren’t certain how that could be a conviction, therefore we’re using this having a materials of sodium).
Excellent customer service support expertise.


Imperfect support.
Desktop software nonetheless needs development and execution of fundamental features such as killswitch and auto-re-connect.
No cellular programs for any of major OS. (For today at least)
Inadequate host places in our view.
They utilize some VPS/cloud machines from low-end hosting supplier Edis.
Things regarded, we offer Whoer VPN a 6/10 simply because that the support is in complete for today. It’s the possibility to significantly enhance once the complete support goes stay, because also although you will find lots of attributes that want development, they have been undoubtedly on the appropriate course.