This is what you should keep in mind when renting game servers

An own game server is the dream of many gamblers, because you determine the rules according to which they play and you can decide for yourself who is allowed to play. But until your own server does its job, there are many questions to which you should find the answers here.

Numerous providers of game servers present their offers on the Internet and try to undercut each other with ever new prices as you can see in this comparison of VPS for online gamers. But stinginess is not always horny, because the performance of the gameserver must of course be appropriate for your desired games and also potential follow-up costs you should keep in mind. So that the dream of your own gameserver does not degenerate into a nightmare, read the following GIGA Gameserver tips:

Gameserver: What do I want to play?

  1. First of all, only certain games are available on the game servers offered. So you can hardly hope that EVERY game of your choice is on it. Therefore you should consider carefully which games you want to offer at all and filter the offers accordingly.
  2. In addition, you should have in mind which ping numbers and which traffic volume you need for your desired game. Otherwise, a supposed bargain quickly turns out to be the cat in the bag. If modern shooters like Call of Duty 4 are to run cleverly on your server, the device needs a lot of power!

Clan or public server?

Not all game servers are the same. Often a distinction is made between clan servers and real public servers, whereby the former are of course much cheaper.

The reason is obvious: A clan server is only accessible to a small group of people and therefore causes much less traffic than a fat public game server, where hundreds of players may be playing during rush hours. So if you only want to gamble with your clan mates undisturbed, a cheap clan server might be enough.

Gameserver. What else do I need? What else do I need?

  • A gameserver for 3,99 Euro per month sounds great, but watch what you still need.
  • Because often you have rented for this money only the machine, which you may still share with zig other customers.
  • If you want a “dedicated server” just for you, it will quickly cost you up to 50 Euro extra per month.
  • You should also note that TeamSpeak and other voice chat applications are often not included in the price and must be booked separately!

Pay attention to the cost trap!

Some providers lure with low prices, but in the small print often still numerous additional costs lurk. For example, one-time setup fees or expensive additional features that may be essential for your purposes. In addition, you should note that there are no or only short minimum terms of the rental agreements with your desired server. Otherwise you might be stuck on a bad offer for an unnecessarily long time and not be able to change.

Where can I get a gameserver from?

There are good offers everywhere on the net, for example the provider Nitrado, which specializes in gameservers, offers numerous cheap offers on its website. But also at you can find some bargains. But if you keep our tips and advice in mind, you should also be able to distinguish good offers from bad nepp packages on other sites.
Minecraft players beware!

Mojang’s block game Minecraft requires little server power, so many operators offer special Minecraft servers as special offers. So if you only want to host your own Minecraft world, you certainly don’t need a powerful high-end game server where even the latest shooters run smoothly. So be on the lookout for special Minecraft offers.