X-Box Head Says – Do Not Anticipate X-Box One 5

“Im not a huge fan of Xbox One 5. If were going to progress, I would like to progress in large amounts.” After Microsoft’s Develop 20-16 programmer key-note earlier this week, X-Box mind Phil Spencer spoke to the media in regards to various subjects. As well as discussing gambling across Xbox One and PC, clarifying the “monopolization” argument for Windows, and saying a Phone 5 PC launch is improbable, he also discussed the rumored PlayStation 4.5 as well as the potential for X-Box One heading a comparable route.

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When questioned about a possible X-Box 1.5 upgrade, Spencer replied, “I’m-not a huge fan of Xbox One 5. If we are going to progress, I would like to progress in large amounts,” Spencer clarified that he does not have any inside information about PS strategies or the rumours now moving, however he added, “For people, our box is successful. It works, it is dependable, the hosts are successful. If were going to proceed with something, as I said, I need it to be an extremely significant change for individuals–an update.”

Phil Spencer has remarked on games console equipment updates before, declaring he is not intending to have people open their X-Box One and update individual parts.

In related news, reviews on the play-station 4.5 are accurate according to Digital Foundry. The equipment evaluation book claims it’s independently confirmed the updated PS4 exists which it may have an updated GPU.